We provide healthy, ethical
and sustainable meat.

The secret
of our cuisine


We always support sustainable, high-welfare production.
We work on the principle of care for the animals with production based on respect for the environment. Our lambs are reared free-range and pasture-fed, meaning that all their food is natural.
The result is healthier and unadulterated meat with a seal of quality.

We treat our animals ethically.
Our animals are not confined to factory farms, they live and graze outdoors in freedom.

The aim is to achieve the finest levels of welfare for the animals and a product with maximum safety for consumers. Grazing helps to increase biodiversity, revives the rural environment and helps to prevent fires.
We believe in a sustainable model for animal-rearing and the economy because we do not have a “planet B”.


Our lamb is tender and delicious. Our meat is real, natural and very healthy. Our milk-fed lamb is reared exclusively on ewe’s milk, thus producing meat that is more succulent and tender, probably the healthiest meat in existence. It is outstanding for its high-quality protein content with a large percentage of essential amino acids.

This means that our milk-fed lamb is a raw material of excellent quality. That is something that unmistakably shines through in the flavour and texture of our dishes.

At Asador de Aranda we are take great care over welfare and sustainability